The Mills

The world’s best architectural and design firms trust us with their biggest and most important projects, because they know we’re engineered right. Just because we’re 100 years old, doesn’t mean we don’t have the latest technology. Our manufacturing is as beautiful as our wood.
Our 500-plus employees, many third-generation artisans, export to nearly 30 countries, because the world has discovered our beauty. Their technical knowledge and experience – from the forest through the lab and the loading dock – are constantly improving to make sure clients experience our total expertise across the process.

Excellence in Brazilian Hardwood Flooring

  • Ethics
  • Sustainability
  • Technology

Every square foot of our wood is transformed from the moment it leaves our plantations under the watchful cooperation and technical support of the prestigious ESALQ School of Agriculture in Piracicaba, Brazil. And we do not accept any raw material that does not carry the forest management certification issued by the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Resources.

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  • Smooth collection

    Brazilian Pecan Grey

    avaliable types:solid, engineered, solidarity engineered

    avaliable sizes:5/16", 5/8", 1/2", 3/8", 3/4", 5/8"

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