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Benefits In Our Dealer Network

In this area you can find all the benefits and useful information to your work.

Exotic Experts

We’ve been working with exotics species since the 1800’s. We produce everything we sell! Quality is not compromised because we don’t outsource our products to faraway places. Trust the Source!

Dealer Locator

Indusparquet is spending thousands of dollars in PR and advertising to drive consumers to your showroom!
Don’t miss out on these valuable leads!

Promotions and Spiff Programs

We have a special and exclusive program for our dealers and sales representatives with rewards, prizes and more benefits.

No Home Centers

We don’t sell the Big Boxes! Indusparquet chooses not to sell Big Boxes rather we only partner with independent retailers who are experts in their marketplaces.

Domestic Inventory

Don’t miss an install by using the strength of Indusparquet’s 70,000 sqft warehouse in Miami, FL. We’ve loaded the warehouse with millions of dollars of inventory to back up distributors and ensure timely supply.

Design Tower System

Today’s trends on the world’s most unique and durable species.