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Indusparquet is the Original and largest producer of premium Brazilian Exotic Hardwood Flooring and Decking in the world. Our products are manufactured with exquisite quality and care to ensure ultimate performance for you the consumer. To maintain the integrity of our brand, Indusparquet has partnered with top retailers across the world that are not only trained in our products and programs but also offer professional installation services for the markets they serve. In addition, our authorized dealers have physical locations that maintain our most current merchandising and sampling. Indusparquet recommends that you purchase your flooring or decking from one of these authorized dealers so that you may see large samples of our products and receive professional advice on what products and applications will best suit your space and environment. Please refer to our dealer locator to find an authorized dealer in your area.

The Internet is a powerful tool for the marketing of products and services and is even a common method for purchasing commodity type products. Indusparquet recognizes these facts and utilizes the web as part of our marketing campaign to tell the world about our company and products.

In some cases, you might find our products available for sale on the Internet like it is a commodity. If you choose to purchase our products via the web, please be aware of the following. Indusparquet will not warrant its products when purchased over the Internet. Our products and programs are meant to be sold and serviced through one of our authorized dealers for the reasons stated above. Furthermore, Indusparquet cannot guarantee that the products you purchased are first quality goods. Indusparquet does not provide advice for professional installation for specific job applications to the consumer rather we supply installation guidelines to our trained retailers and they must apply them in their particular markets where they are the experts.

Thank you for choosing Indusparquet Exotic Hardwood Flooring and Decking.

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  • Smooth collection

    Brazilian Pecan Grey

    avaliable types:solid, engineered, solidarity engineered

    avaliable sizes:5/16", 5/8", 1/2", 3/8", 3/4", 5/8"

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