Valor Banner Image

The “Valor” Collection by Indusparquet represents the best combination of beauty and value available in the most traditional Brazilian Hardwood products. The same standard of perfection goes into this line up…but in this trimmed down format we can offer the most savings for the consumer. It is important to note that the surface layer of this product is not compromised in the savings, as we still provide our signature 3MM Dry Sawn Face veneer to maintain the splendor and longevity expected from our brand. So, if you want the classic look of a smooth Brazilian species at a fraction of the price… the Valor Collection is for you!

Key Features

  • Indusparquet Quality at Entry Level Pricing
  • 3mm Sawn Face Veneer
  • Engineered 3 1/4” Widths
  • Classic and Ageless Design
  • Harder Than Domestic