The IP Difference

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Our product profiles


Our products are built to be as durable as they are beautiful. All engineered profiles are a multi-ply construction using 100% hardwood. Every sub ply has different grain direction to improve stability. This structure reduces the expansion and contraction of the wood. We know that improves performance, especially in environments with high fluctuation in humidity and temperature. Engineered flooring can be installed below, on, or above grade.

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Our hardwood comes in a range of thicknesses and lengths and can be sanded and refinished multiple times, because it’s solid from top to bottom. Available in an extensive range of hardwood species, with the option of having unique, handcrafted, textured finishes or Induro™ aluminum oxide coating and nine layers of ClearVue™ varnish, the solid profile, like nature itself, will never fail you.

Solid Diagram
Living Room Showing Indisàrquet's Floor

Our Patented Processes


An exclusive, natural drying process which the lumber is left to breathe and de‑moisturize in a fresh air environment for no less than six months for a more durable, dimensionally stable finished product.

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Long Length™

Long length products are milled and randomly cut longer than the standard 48” of most imports. These longer lengths provide the ultimate in linear elegance with a mix that delivers superlative visual balance and beauty.

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A colorless, nine-coat applied crystal clear finish allows our exceptional rich colors and textures to come through within each of our exotic hardwood profiles. Due to this exclusive process, our floors need minimal maintenance and do not require waxing.

ClearVue Diagram


High performance aluminum-oxide crystals deliver unprecedented scratch and abrasion resistance. Our products are designed to meet the extra demands of commercial work spaces.

Induro Diagram
Room Scene Showing Indusparquet's Floor

Durability(Hardness Ratings)

Most Indusparquet Species are Harder than domestics.

Janka Hardness Rating Scale Graphic