Outdoor Decking Collection

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The Indusparquet “Outdoor Decking” Collection will bring the beauty of Brazil’s natural landscape to your personal outdoor entertainment area! The same attention to detail and quality we provide to our hardwood flooring customers is now available for the outside of your home. The uniqueness and warmth of our decking products combine with unsurpassed durability to create the most attractive and longest lasting product for your outdoor space. Make a powerful design statement at your home or business and create an atmosphere where you can relax and unwind with Indusparquet Decking!

Key Features

  • More dense and durable than standard lumber
  • Beautiful, natural, and unique in design
  • Smooth with 3mm curved edges
  • Board Lengths to fit any project
  • Harder than domestic decking

Product Information

  • Thickness: 1” (3/4” actualL)
  • Installation: screw Through (flush screw or countersink peg cap method)
  • Width: 6” (5 ½” actual)
  • Edge Profile: 3mm curved
  • Length: 8’, 10’, 12’, 16
Outdoor Decking Room Scene

Installation Methods

Countersink Peg CAP Method

Begin by countersinking holes 3/8″ into the deck boards’ face. Then, pre-drill pilot holes 1/8″ all the way through the boards. Use stainless steel (305 grade or higher) deck screws to screw the boards down into the floor joists. Using waterproof glue or epoxy, affix the 3/8″ matching deck plugs in each hole. Level the plugs and sand smooth as needed.

countersink Method Explaining Image

Flush Screw Method

For each board, pre-drill 2 pilot holes per floor joist slightly smaller than the diameter of the Finish Screw (Size #7 or #8 trim-head screw). Drill all the way through the deck board. When you install the Finish Screw into the pilot hole, stop when the head of the screw is flush with the topof the deck board.

Flush Screw Method Explaining Image