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Indusparquet celebrated its 50th anniversary following a successful trajectory based on social and environmental responsibility. As the main manufacturer of wooden floors in Brazil, we have sustainability in our DNA, which is fully exercised to preserve forests and their wealth for current and future generations.

We produce high-quality floors and coverings, originated from a valuable natural material that bears our purpose of carrying out work committed to the preservation of the environment and with respect for people. For this reason, all of our noble raw material, from a renewable source, comes from forests with a forest management or reforestation plan, following federal regulations. Through the practice of management, only grown trees are removed, ensuring that new trees renew the vegetation cover for sustainable timber extraction.

As part of our commitment, Indusparquet does not extract endangered species, trees that provide food for animals or that carry seeds. In addition, each harvested tree is marked with a unique identification code tracked by GPS technology throughout the manufacturing process.

Zero Waste Policy

The Indusparquet Group has sustainability in its DNA. All the raw material we use comes from forests with a forest management or reforestation plan. Consistent with this philosophy, we have a Zero Waste Policy, with the use of 100% of the wood that reaches the factories.

The sawdust resulting from wood processing is used to generate thermal energy for low consumption boilers, which dry the wood. The modern, waste-free process is an alternative that eliminates the need for alternative energy solutions such as natural gas and BPF oil.

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Workers Woorking at Indusparquet's Warehouse

Our Certificates

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Indusparquet has FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) chain of custody certification, which is the highest standard of wood handling and marketing. It is the guarantee that the products supplied are made with wood from managed forests, in accordance with strict social and environmental criteria.

FSC® products on request.

Other Certificates

  • CARB II certified (only naturally occurring VOCs)
  • European E1 standard for low formaldehyde
  • CE (Conformité Européene) – EU Legislation compliant
  • LEED IEQ 4.4 low emitting materials
  • Lacey Act compliant
  • FloorScore Rated
Indusparquet's wood processing machines