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Indusparquet is also committed to being forest-friendly. This means that craftsmanship, care and a long-term view on world preservation influence all our decisions.

Beyond the beauty of Indusparquet’s hardwoods, clients can be rest assured that the products preserve and protect the environment. The company works closely with the Brazilian government, which strictly controls the country’s timber harvest. The guidelines of IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources) require lumber to be sourced from reforestation or managed forests. Only eight trees per ¾ acre can be removed from the forest. As part of our pledge and compliance, Indusparquet do not extract endangered species, trees that provide food for animals or that are seed carriers. Because fewer trees are removed and the fertile ones left untouched, the forest can regenerate naturally. Removing only mature specimens allows younger trees to thrive. Every tree harvested is tagged with a unique ID code tracked by GPS technology throughout the manufacturing process. Careful planning goes into all activities from the extraction of logs through to reforestation. This process includes the goal of 100% utilization of all timber that enters the factory doors. By-products are used to create innovative recycled designer products or to generate energy in the factory boilers. This takes a little more planning and thought, but reinforces our reputation as a zero-waste organization.